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ATOMSTACK X20 PRO Laser Engraver, 130W DIY CNC Laser Engraving Cutting Machine

ATOMSTACK X20 PRO Laser Engraver, 130W DIY CNC Laser Engraving Cutting Machine

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【20W laser power, high power, fast engraving speed, good effect】The power of the engraving machine does not affect the engraving, only the laser power affects the engraving effect. 20W laser power, the latest exclusive technology, based on the compression shaping spot technology, four 6W laser diodes cooperate with optical mirrors to increase the laser power to 20W, and the spot can be compressed to 0.08mm*0.1mm size.

【Strong cutting capability/more powerful engraving capability】Able to cut metal, like a wild beast. 12-15mm thickness solid wood board cutting off with only one pass. 256 different grayscale makes the engraving more than black only According to the different grayscale information from the picture, the laser energy is automatically adjusted to achieve the finer contrast of the finished project as well as more natural transition between colors.

【Can be engraved offline, Equipped with an air assist pump】dependent operation terminal control, improve production efficiency. Equipped with an air assist pump 20W engraver is equipped with 10-30L/Min air assist pump kit, which could improve the cutting and engraving speed with the cleaner surface, as well as extending the service life.

【Use your imagination to DIY your exclusive items】It can engrave on paper, bamboo, wood, plastic, leather PCB board, aluminum oxide, lacquered metal, etc. Able to engrave and cut more material With 20W laser power,more than 40 material could be engraved,includes many material was unable to be carved as well as cutted by 5W neither 10W laser.
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